El Shaddai Outreach Temple
CFC # 74257

El Shaddai is one of the seven covenant names GOD used to reveal Himself to Israel.  In Hebrew, El Shaddai means “The All-Sufficient One,” the GOD who is more than enough, the GOD who satisfies with Long Life.  Our mission is to help disadvantaged adults and children discover The GOD who is more than enough.  Through Jesus Christ we will walk in an anointing toward pure righteousness and power. This direction will empower the disadvantaged to rise up and take control of their destiny as they are led by the HOLY SPIRIT.

By faith we believe that GOD will do what HE said HE would do, as revealed in the HOLY Scriptures.  With faith the size of a mustard seed, we know that you will have victory in our quest to be more like Jesus Christ.



The mission of El Shaddai is to reach a manageable portion of the population who are seeking a stronger relationship with GOD through Jesus Christ.  We believe that those who diligently seek the LORD will receive what they ask for in addition to deliverance.  With a sincere heart we will minister to the needs of the communities we serve.  Whether that need is education, food, parenting skills, or career assistance, El Shaddai stands ready to help members transform from a life without GOD or limited understanding of HIS grace and mercy to a life with GOD. We ask for your financial support to help us help others
Dear Friends,

I'm joining forces with SAGE to engage seniors in expanding their circles of friends. I've committed to raising awareness and funds to support SAGE's efforts to provide local seniors life enriching events and entertainment.  I need your help. Together, we can become an unstoppable force to keep seniors active. You can help in two ways:

1. Join the cause and volunteer to chaperone seniors for day trips and special events
2. Help me raise funds by making a donation and asking your family members, friends, co-workers and casual acquaintances to donate to the fundraising page.

I hope to make a big contribution in this worthwhile endeavor and I'd be so grateful if you would join me. Your support will help SAGE to enhance the lives of local seniors and support and advance their desire to enlarge their circles of friends.

We all have a beloved senior in our lives and they need our help in enriching their quality of life. Please visit the fundraising Web page to volunteer or to donate today.

 NOTE: The SAGE initiative is open to everyone  regardless of faith.


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